Monday, 20 December 2010

A Curious Tale... 8.

There are some things that you just can’t take in. That was one of them. Drake had snitched, and Jason had played me. And Dante had left me. I was broke, and I was alone. I was about  to call Dante and tell her I wasn’t going anywhere anymore when I noticed a familiar face sitting a little further down from me. He stood up and walked towards me.
“Silas?” I said, a terrible thought springing to mind.
“Hi graduate,” he said. “Travelling home alone?”
“Sad. I thought you’d at least have the company of that attractive female I used to see around you.”
I shrugged, so he continued.
“Can I sit down?”
I shrugged again. He sat down.
“Your friend Drake led us right to Jason, who has a cybertrail as long as… what’s that longest river called again?”
I didn’t say anything. I heard the doors close and almost got up to leave, but thought better of it. There was nothing to go back to. I’d lost this battle and I’d probably be better off far away from this place.
“Anyway, I was determined to catch you actually committing a crime, so I made him reverse all his transactions and I know you’re now broke as fuck and confused about what to do next.”
“Yeah, happy now?”
“Actually no. The idea is to get you to commit another crime so I can catch you.”
So the plonker thought I was the brains. Sure I had he occasional bright idea, but it was Dante who always turned my ideas into viable plans. I was lost. I’d have to get a real job. Me! Work!? I wanted to cry, I was so upset. But I couldn’t give anyone the pleasure of seeing me weak and vulnerable.
“I’m going straight.”
He coughed.
“I mean it. I’m not doing all that anymore.”
“You will,” he said. “You’re a criminal, and it takes more than one reversal to stop the operations of a criminal mind.”
I almost laughed outright. Sure I would love to go out and commit more crimes, but now I’d have trust issues and I hate working alone. I was tired of this discussion, it was depressing.
“Do you have anything to read?” I asked him.
“I have a puzzle book, if you do puzzles.
“Yeah, thanks.”
“Just make sure you wipe it clean when you’re done. Don’t want anyone taking the credit for my puzzle solving.”
I smiled.
“Cocky bastard,” I said beneath my breath, though I’m sure he heard it to because he smirked as he went over to sit in his former seat.
I got busy solving Sudoku and Kakuro. I was broke, I was alone, but I was quietly hopeful something would turn up.

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  1. Despite the length(t'was a tad too short)I really enjoyed it and I didn't miss any of the names,I'm hooked on this one.
    What brought you here sef?My N-CC friend?More please,you totally rock.
    Gretel-premonition of the