Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Curious Tale... 6.

Blake hadn't been lying. There was a squad of officers outside my apartment, and they were all for cuffing me there and then. I told them there was no way I could run so they should just let me drop my stuff. Blake told them to let me. I changed into threads and a comfortable tee and went with them. They pushed me into the back of the craft and I saw my friend the Tackler from the other day. I said hi.
"You're going down criminal" he said, and was about to burst into a brilliant oratory about how crime never goes unpunished when a look from Blake silenced him. The cop craft was pretty classy. Blake had to travel in style I supposed. He told me not to say a word, and I was happy to do so.
The station was again abuzz with activity, but there didn't seem to be any bad guys around. It looked like neighbourhood watch day. So many regular citizens in summer clothes two sizes too small and with little kids trying to pick their noses without their parents noticing. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing. The Tackler took me into a little cubicle with wood walls, a tiled floor and a great big light bulb on swinging from the ceiling. He started his tirade as soon as he got the door closed. He was one of them goody-two-shoes who never made any arrests but loved to come in guns blazing. I bet he hoped to go out in a blaze of glory, taking down a multitude of the hardest criminals ever in the process. I let him talk and didn't answer a single question. It must have driven him crazy. I didn't care.
Blake was as good as his word. Within an hour, and without interrogating me (Tackler obviously didn't count), Drake was led in cuffed and I was set free. I almost felt sorry for the poor bastard, he was sure to get what passed for his brains chopped up for stem cells. Oh what the hell. he was a snitch.
I went back to my apartment. Dante had let herself in and was lying on the bed waiting for me. I poured myself a drink and went over to her. Say what you like, but I've never been a fan of beer. Too bitter, in my opinion. I like my drinks sweet, so now I was downing a large mojito. Dante took it from me and asked how my exam had been. I had to laugh.
"I just got out of police custody and you're asking how my exam went."
"It was brilliant", I conceded.
"Good. Now how did you get out of that?"
I told her everything I could remember of my conversation with Blake, and to my surprise she didn't seem at all surprised at what she was hearing. I mentioned it.
"You don't seem surprised", I said.
"Well it is a bit odd, but it's not surprising really."
My eyebrows threatened to join up with my hairline.
"Well look at it this way", she started, "He's the son of a decorated hero and he has a lot to live up to. He'd much rather make a  huge killing than just catch someone on a case he doesn't even have evidence of yet."
She was right. But that made something spring to my mind.
"How come we weren't caught on camera?"
Now she smiled. No scratch that. She grinned broader than the legendary Cheshire cat.
"We were caught on camera, but I have all the discs."