Monday, 18 May 2009


It’s a crazy world blogosphere! And I’m only being honest. I’ve only got a couple of things to talk about, and one of them happened in Dallas about 11 months ago. Guess what? A woman gave birth.

“But that happens every day!” you say. True, but it’s not everyday a woman gives birth to twins with different fathers.

In a nutshell. Woman has partner, has sex with him. Woman cheats on partner. Woman gets pregnant with twins, and partner is over the moon. Woman gives birth, everyone’s still on cloud neuf. Twins start to look a little different, so they go to the hospital, where tests are run and it’s discovered that she was impregnated by two different people.

Luckily for her, her partner’s either a good man or a sucker, as he vows to stay with her and raise both those kids. I support him. But it only goes to show that whatever secret thing you do will eventually be found out.


The other thing is Obama speaking out about abortion and being called a baby-killer. Now that’s just unfair. I’m sure if Malia Ann or Natasha were to bring home an unwanted embryo Mr. President probably won’t drive her to an abortion clinic.

The bottom line is, what the president said is the truth, since abortion is possible, like all things human it should be a human decision. It’s never an easy decision, and I personally think people who damn it for religious reasons should shut up! If you’ve witnessed it first hand and feel it’s too traumatic for a woman to have to go through, then you can speak out against it.

You cannot say something is wrong if it can save a person. A rape victim, or a child barely old enough to take care of herself; should these people have to carry an unwanted burden because of their mistake, or someone else’s wickedness? Let’s not make a very sensitive and complicated issue one that will be resolved on the basis of “right and wrong”, because, as so many times it has been shown, the lines between them are often too blurred to make out.

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