Friday, 15 August 2008

Welcome to Animal House

She always found a way to blame him for all her troubles /
He always told his friends that she was nothing but a couple
weeks adventure / the sex, yeah /
but would he ever accept
that he could be bonded he wouldn't accent, nah /
I mean
what do you all mean that I'm in love / he would say /
but we knew /
that when he blew it /
we would be the ones he'd come running to /
but the story shifts base /
cos it seems that our fears don't really have no base /
but I'da sworn that they were millisecs away from a break /
anyway / who's to say /
that if we'da tried to intervene /
we woulda just poisoned up he scene /
but just wait for a second / here it comes /
just the way we said it would she grabs a gun /
about to end it just the way it had begun /
with sparks flying / guy dying /
quit trying to understand me mutherfucker just die /
cos she's tired / of the pretense and she can't keep trying /
to make this work cos now she realises the truth and damn it hurts /
that he never even loved her from the start /
but he just struggled to find a way that he could quietly grow apart /
forgotten the rules never get into a relationship /
that you cannot call quits / in 30 seconds or it's /
bound to breed this kind of bulls**t/
specially since nothing seems to fit / anymore /
why don't you just pack up your things and walk on out through the door /
but no it's him that you want and you just can't seem to ignore /
all the warnings / the lights that keep shining through the awnings /
the promise of a better day as soon as the dawn's in /
instead / you're here tryna put a bullet through his head /
I always thought that someone woould end up being hurt /
but i never envisioned seeing red stuff erupt in spurts /
so I was wrong cos I'd envisioned you coming to tell us you'd screwed it up /
never imagined that I'd see you and wouldn't be able to boost you up /
thought all that would happen would be something that we could all laugh at in later years /
but instead of joy I write this cautionary tale with eyes brimming with tears
when you walk through a forest you better be careful of animals there /
cos you don't know what you got yourself into I just hope you come out unscarred and not scared.

Wow... that was a mouthful.

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